Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cheetah Stun Gun

A stun gun is hand-held tools that discharge an electrical burst into an assailant's muscular structure. Cheetah stun gun is the best stun gun brand all over the world. They are well-known for their stylish design and powerful energy. They have a very good line of cheap stun guns. People keep it for their safety or some are keep it for their hobbies. If you also like and you want to purchase it then now you can get cheetah stun guns in different styles and qualities. These days manufactures companies are making these stun guns in different styles. Through us you can get cheetah stun guns in latest designs and our price is normal but quality is excellence.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Double Trouble Stun Gun

If you feel that you are not secure and someone will attack on you then you should take double trouble stun gun. This stun gun is very simple and easy to take in the hand since it conforms to your fist. But do not let its looks fool you. By the looks of this gun, one would fault it for a Batarang found on Batgirl's usefulness belt. By carrying this thing in your hand, an easy pull of the trigger utilizing your key finger will fire this self protection weapon & reason the two couples of electrodes to fire up & delivery dreadful bad news to your foe. This gun fits rightly in your fist. Using your thumb, you can turn over the on switch which will power up a red LED indicator light suggestive of that the unit is live & prepared for action.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Police Teaser Gun

Self-protection is very essential these days. Teaser guns have been utilized for numerous years as a self-protection weapon. One of the most effectual ways to protect ourselves from criminals or attackers is the use of teaser guns. The use of Teaser guns is one of the most famous; if not the most well-liked, self security methods employed these days. A Teaser gun could be utilized to disable the movement of a person. This would be perfect for police officer to arrest criminals & to disable potentially injurious persons. It is also necessary for civilians. The Teaser gun was first developed back in 1969 & has undergone some modifications since then. Different examples have led to the formation of more successful & safer gun.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

strongest stun gun Available

Stun guns are completed so that you can have a tool that will help in self-protection but not essentially permanently hurt an attacker. But, there are stun guns that are utilized by not just civilians but also by law enforcers. And these guns very much have higher voltage power than the regular guns. A stun gun can discharge voltage amounting from 100 to 5 or 6 million volts. Of course, the ones that release more than 4 million volts are measured the strongest ones. The result of a stun gun can be for just little minutes. However, the strongest varieties can stop for about 30 minutes or even more. These come in different sizes. The big ones do not essentially have higher voltage & the small ones do not essentially have lower voltage.

Friday, 17 August 2012

How stun guns work

 Stun gun is very simple not a dangerous gun. It’s not a real gun. Its injure the person but not kill. Stun guns not guns in the traditional logic because they don't shoot bullets. The stun guns utilize high voltage & low amperage to influence the muscular & neural systems of the person body. The stun gun dumps its power into the muscles at a high pulse incidence. 

This makes the muscles contract quickly, which results in power loss. Pressing the prongs on the stun gun against a person will rapidly immobilize an attacker by causing a strong pain & total loss of muscle control. Large variety of stun guns in many shapes, sizes, designs & voltages in the market.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Stun Guns

Stun guns is very simple, battery operated, electronic devices designed to surprise & injure an attacker. They are not really guns. They don't fire bullets. They are a reasonable, efficient, non-lethal alternative to firearms. 

A stun gun does not injury a person permanently; it only temporarily disrupts the way our body functions. Stun guns won't cause harm in the long run because the electrical energy that it delivers into a person's body is very high current but low amperage electrical charge. Pressing the prongs on the stun gun next to a person will quickly immobilize an aggressor by causing a strong pain & total loss of muscle control.

 Stun guns are utilized by police departments, security agencies & individuals desiring strong non-lethal security against attack. They have been established to be a superb self-protective device. If an attacker touches you while you are striking him, the electricity will not pass toyour body.